Since 2010 we are with our trade and training stable moved to a new location in the wooded area of Garderen. Our accommodation can accommodate 26 horses, many of which will be released in competiton in Class B through Z. Almost all of these horses are for sale. In addition, there are a number of horses  who will be
professionaly be domesticated by us.

Our long experience guarantees professional training of horses. Because of our network and the wide range it is possible to find the right horse for you. Should it be that we do not have the right horse in our stables you can send us your wishes and we will try to find a suitable horse for you. This is true both for dressage and jumping.

Our  accent is not only trade but also the training and riding horses from other people. They range from domesticate horses to cast on sporting events in the Class B through Z.
It is also possible to have your horse in our training set if you intend to sell your horse. In agreement is the launch of games than possible.
All horses are outside in the paddock every day and are also trained five times a week.
For the various options in training you can contact us. We will discuss your options with you.
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